Madison Detention Center (MDC) / Northeast Nebraska Juvenile Services is visited every Saturday morning, where we host a bible study.  MDC is located at Madison, Nebraska.  Our volunteer team of dedicated and devoted followers of Christ bring the message of hope through the Good News of Christ. We also provide bibles free of charge to anyone at MDC who needs one. We realize MDC is a transition place during difficult times in their young lives.  We know the value of time and present the Gospel every Saturday and leave the Word of God in their hands.

Community Service is offered by YFFC to give youth a place to work their community service hours in a environment designed for youth, ages 11-19. We encourage personal developement through out other programs or one-on-one mentoring.

GAPS (Groups of Adolescents Providing Support)

Every Tuesday from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm


GAPS is a great place for kids to gather and receive support! A delicious meal is provided while we offer solutions and direction to help our youth make healthy decisions to the challenges they will face with their peers, family and/or themselves. This includes but is not limited to troubled friendships, alcohol, substance abuse, peer pressures, conflict and more!


Stress & Anger Management

Every Thursday from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm at YFFC.


What is Stress & Anger Management?


Stress & Anger Mangement is:

  • An education model, not a therapy session
  • For adolescents 11-19 years of age (grouped appropriately)
  • Open-ended (10 week course repeats until all participants complete each session)
  • Additional classes can be held at other locations & times according to needs
  • Presented under YFFC's Program of Positive Youth Principles, not faith based
  • Especially designed for adolescents with hands-on curriculum

Objectives of 10 Stress & Anger Management Sessions:


  1. Identify effects of Anger on individual and people around them
  2. Identify Stress Triggers and dealing with stress
  3. Understanding Responding verses Reacting
  4. Using Responding verses Reacting in frustrating situations
  5. Scripts and Masks
  6. Voices in my Head
  7. Forgive but don't forget
  8. Feelings of Inferiority
  9. Verbal and Non-verbal Communication
  10. Awareness of expectations verses reality and how to adjust


Consquences from choices can impact a life forever...


All participants must have a parental/guardian permission form: click here